participatory performance

Concept and Culinary Craft: Piotr Matkowski
Artistic Direction and Performance: Maja Renn
Spatial Setting: Fabio Don
Sound: Zaumne
Dramaturgy: Tali Serruya
Assistance: Franziska Ullrich

foodculture days (CH)
Folkestone Fringe (UK)
Vienna Design Week (AT)
BWA Wrocław (PL)
Kulturhaus Helferei (CH)
Nurture Salon is a project on crossroads of participatory performance and culinary craft.

The pop-up salon invites you to slow down and take part in a multi-sensory experience. During the one-to-one performance an edible composition of colorful and fragrant ingredients will be created directly on the palm of your hand. This holistic experience is an exercise in mindfulness and renders the utopia of a sustainable relationship with food tangible and pleasant.


︎︎︎ Read here an article about the NURTURE SALON by the Magic Carpets curator Jacob Bray.


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