video, 4'0''

Direction: Maja Renn
Performance: Haeyeon Lim
Spacial setting: Fabio Don, Florian Dombois
Music: Zaumne

ZHdK, Zürich
IDKF, Stuttgart

Full video can be watched on the ︎︎︎ Akut Mag platform.

Inhale/Exhale is a transdisciplinary collaborative project at the crossroads of performance and architecture, initiated by the performance-maker Maja Renn, the architect Fabio Don and the artist Florian Dombois and featuring various invited guests.

A human body encounters an inflatable structure and searches for ways to relate with the machine through the only, yet essential feature they have in common: the breath. Tensions arise: Who is in control, and who will surrender? Both exhale into each other, inflate, deflate, recover. Movements of the human and the object gradually merge into one dance, a choreography of perpetual loss and regain. Together they become a two-fold organism in motion, a sum of their possibilities, a constellation in constant circulation, a post-human creature of multiple mouths.

So far the Inhale/Exhale project has produced live performance (featuring organ and piano player Tatiana Radkevich as well as performers Bárbara Herbst, Evelyn Angela Gugolz and Alessia Keyer) presented during the «Lange Nacht» event of the ZHdK in July 2022 and a video work (featuring the dancer Haeyeon Lim and the musician Zaumne).

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