movement research
2022 – ongoing

Concept and Direction:
Savannah Theis 

Participants: Shuyi Gao, Lauren Mair, Sarah Kent, Susanna Dye, Siin Lee, Maja Renn and Yoojin Lee

London Performance Studios
Derbyshire Artist Residency Programme
Ugly Duck residency
Antiuniversity Festival

Images: Maja Renn

Symptom Scores is an evolving research project comprising movement workshops and experiments for participatory performance. Informed by a somatic and political lens, the project explores possibilities for experientially unfolding information within bodily symptoms and reflecting on their relationships to collective and socio-environmental dynamics. Underpinning this is the idea from somatic facilitation paradigm, Processwork, that symptoms have a social context and are not only our own, but expressions of a wider field of relations of which we are a part. Exercises involving improvisation in drawing, movement, voice, and touch guide embodying and expanding sensory signals in the body, like a form of dream-work. Exploring together in this way offers a space of mutual care, inviting noticing differences and correspondences within a shared field of experiences. This enhances a sense of shared ownership of experiences, moving away from pathologising the individual. Questions guiding the explorations include: What forms of information are expressed in our symptoms? How to make this information more available? What happens when you enter an experience on my behalf? What is held in our symptoms for us collectively?

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